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The past week has been another yet busy+eventful+fun+drastic one!


{l to r: remains from my dinner, Montana}

{beautiful pink-toed tarantula<3>

{I'm a sentimental little bastard!!}

Our second museum-visit of the semester was to the Natural History Museum. I've never been there (after living in LA for 2 years...) It's definitely a spot I want to visit again when I have more time for a good sitting down+sketching... As much as I love being in graphic design, I do miss the time+capacity I had to sit down and doodle for long periods of time... I need to pick up my sketchbook more often!

{l to r:: Vanesa, future-NGB member?, Gigi and Patty}

I offered to help out the IL fair for NEIGHBOR GAP BRIDGE, my integrated learning studio class. As much as I don't enjoy waking up early and having class 8~11 on Friday mornings, I've started to love my class, especially because I get to mingle with people that aren't from the 6th floor, haha. Free breakfasts are always a plus too.

{Hazel making t shirts}

Hazel taught me how to do spray-paint tie-dye! So easy and fun! I got my stockings + shoes blasted with paint, but who cares? I need to make more of these!

{l to r: Mr. Minature Pony and I}

Only at Otis IL fairs. Animals galore. However this semester, there was only 1 goat, and no llama. Sadness.


{l to r: scandalous posters and the scandalous mind behind it}

My posters for the FILM FESTIVAL assignment are now on display on the sixth floor. How I miss the days in high school when my work got censored...


To take a break from my hectic work schedule, I made some zines, limited to five copies, and distributed them to people I like, and people who would understand (+ accept) my crude sense of humor. More zines are to come in the near future!

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