today, i purchased my first silk screen.

we're gonna have so much fun, you and i.


::summer time fun!::

I've been living around and having loads of fun!

Onch's PERFECTASY was needless to say, loads of fun! I was able to meet a lot of friends, old and new, which is always amaze<3 I dragged my tired butt after work and slipped into my candy button dress (which I created last minute, haha!) in the car, which was less than glamorous... but the night was filled with so much fun and glamour.


Only at Comic Con can you meet all your idols, new and old, snap photos with me, and just have a total blast. <3


::summer cooking::

The favorite part about summer for me is how I can get busy in... the kitchen!
One of the biggest downsides of being a design school student for me is a) I live with almost no social life at all. and b) I start eating not very healthily during busy times in the semester (the school cafe only serving unhealthy/greasy AND expensive food doesn't help at all) ... I try to experiment in the kitchen (+ get crazy) as much as I can during the summer.
Here are some of my results in the past couple days...

{honey lemon ginger} +recipe to follow!

I was craving for tsukemono (Japanese style pickles)
so I decided to make some! (cucumbers + turnip)

Salsa-style sauce (top)
+ chicken miso paste

Tonight's dinner:
Chicken+veggie pot-au-feu with salad, rice, miso soup+pickles

chop chop chop...

Inspired by Satsuki/Zakka Nouveau's (she also has a great interview by my great friends, CMYK up too!) recipe posts on her blog, I decided to share my recipe for Honey Lemon Ginger! It's super easy to make, and perfect for snacking, adding to tea, yogurt, soda-water and so on...

have a great summer!




My Comm Studio final.


P.S. My cargocollective is finally up! www.cargocollective.com/emitamaru


::shut down::

The semester is rolling down to an end, and the only things that remain are process books and finishing up final projects for my identity+systems design class, as well as LAS classes. As soon as summer starts, I've promised myself to photograph all completed projects... ...yes.


This project was a horror to sew and finish up, but alas, done!!


Junior show was a great night, and my poster series + experimental type piece + publication went in.

On Saturday I took a visit to MOCA to see the ART ON THE STREETS show being held at MOCA. Despite having questions and concerns towards curatorial decisions of the show-- ranging from it being a total sausage fest and it throwing certain races and nationalities into one clump (oh let's throw the Latinos in the work room and the Europeans in another, all the white boys can come to the front!)... And of course, my heart vomited to the sight of Shepard Fairley, but that deserves an entirely new post.


Gilbert and I found this poster at IKEA, but the $40 price tag made us swiftly move away from it.


::Frank Gehry is a punk.::

I'm slowly taking my first steps into my final project for experimental typography.

My final project was inspired by a visit to the anarchist bookstore located by the Waterlooplein markt in Amsterdam; Hazel took me there on the first day I arrived in Amsterdam, and I was instantly inspired by not only the location and its ideology, but also simply by the countless zines that were being sold there. Cheaply made, simple and accessible, with a powerful ideology lacing everything together. In fact, the fact that the zines being sold there being so "accessible" is what made them so strong. I myself purchased a zine focusing on femino-anarchism, and have had my interest in the relation of anarchism and feminism sparked on fire. (Yes, I was guilty of scribbling the anarchy symbol all over by belongings when I was in grade school, with not even a clue with what it really stood for)

For my final project, I intend to explore Frank Gehry's attitude towards modern architecture, the concept of "starchitect"s (what on earth is that supposed to mean in the first place anyways??) and the question of "no taste". I personally was not even close to being a fan of Gehry and his work prior to focusing on him for this class, but I have to say, some of the things that he says has made me think quite a bit.


I have a little obsession with lo-fi technology and techniques, and anything that is created in the "moment". Polaroid photographs are an excellent example of this, and after acquiring a Fuji instax mini (I sold my soul to Fuji-film when it comes to cameras), I've been shooting people, animals, and places I adore. The fact that film is not easy to find (and rather pricey) doesn't seem to bother me as much as I thought it would, although the fact that I don't have any more film on me right now is making me anxious.


::Amsterdam, with love::

I returned from Amsterdam on saturday, after spending an amazing + inspiring week there.

on the way to Waterlooplein Markt, one of my favorite places in Amsterdam.

the amazing Hazel picked me up from the airport and gave me a quick tour.
Thank you so much Hazel<3

Venturing at night with Gilbert to post his work all over town.

trying out various countries' limited edition menus at mcdonalds...

chocomel hour <3

Needless to say, I have fell in love with Amsterdam instantly, and crave to return again, hopefully in the near future.