So... The past week has been hectic, as usual. But also productive and packed with fun, so I have nothing to complain about!!


{The birthday man Mr.Mossay observing my posters}

{posters, b/w and tiled.}

The first phase of THE FILM FESTIVAL assignment for Comm. III is winding down, and I handed in my pre-pre-final editions of the posters last week. The "Fuck it, Imma do what I feel like doing" attitude worked pretty swell for me, and quite honestly, these might be my most favorite project I've worked on since entering Comm. Arts. They were revised, and will be printed out in color/tiled for next week... Exciting, exciting!

{Series! poster}

My beautiful roommate Lacey was dragged into my poster (I love victimizing my friends for my work, don't I!) and the wonderful Whitley shot some amazing shots for me. However, these shots are also encouraging me to get into better shape. Oh noeees!

{vertical action}

THAT happened, thanks to the wonderful work of James at Body Electric Tattoo and Piercing on Melrose.

{art makes me happy, especially when it's by JT!}

I purchased a piece for the ever amazing JT Steiny from his ever amazing show I STARTED A WAR at the New Puppy Gallery, and was delighted to receive my piece in the mail! JT was gushing about the romantic-aspect of the USPS (or rather, receiving things via snail-mail rather than other ways...) and now I feel as if I can sympathize with that. Time to write letters! ...But again, I don't know a lot of friends' addresses...
{when racial stereotyping goes right}

I offered some help for Lane's poster project, thinking that it would be something fun. I get a text, run over, and am greeted with a stack of origami papers, and requested to fold paper cranes. Just to make things clear, I may be Japanese, but I am the WORST person in Japan when it comes to origami. And paper cranes? Those things are pretty hard core. I had to fold a bunch when I was in high school because our school went on a trip to Hiroshima, and thus, every student was required to fold paper cranes to donate to one of the memorials... I cried. With a little internet research (yes, I had to look it up), I managed to fold some cranes...


{Me and Bill Murray}

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