::week 4::

A sketch/doodle I was doing while hanging around THE GOOD EXCHANGE at Meltdown comics last Saturday... Me, J.T., Amy, Dani and Cole were doing a PORTRAIT WAR.
I tried to doodle freely, and capture the essence of what was going on AT THE TIME.
...Fun stuff.


"麒麟と鶴”(Kirin to Tsuru, Kirin and Crane)
Mixed media on illustration board


The one and only JT Steiny suggested I do little doodles in black pen on my tART cards... So I did. I was also suggested to scan them and make them into a zine, but I'll see about that.

These little tarts will be available at the GOOD EXCHANGE tomorrow!


Carpal tunnel is forcing me to try out a new style. I kinda like it. We'll see.

I'm currently suffering from a deadly case of CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (every artists nightmare, I swear...+ it was because I was working on the stencil for the OTIS T-SHIRT CONTEST 3 hours straight... Cutting patterns into illustration board is not easy :( ) which is effecting my drawing abilities BADLY. It's PAINFUL to draw anything with pens!!

One lonely night in bed I started doodling a typeface dedicated to my favorite musician of all time!
... My goal is to get this tattooed on my left wrist by the end of the semester so I can include a photo of that to one of my images.

::week 3::


"No Rabu You"
Mixed Media on illustration board
12" x 14.5"

I'm not a fan of Yoshitomo Nara's work, but for this piece, his pouty, angry looking girls became a source of my inspiration.
I also think he's pretty gangsta for being locked up in jail in NYC for 2 days for doodling on a wall.


::work in progress::

"I love my baby more"
Mixed media on illustration board


"I don't care [if you love me]"
Mixed media on illustration board.


Acrylic on wood panel

::work in progress::

"[I don't care if] You Love Me"

Various found (in my bedroom) materials mounted onto cold-press illustration board.

Painting my baby


More to be added soon...

Tried out a different style. Not my piece of pie but I might play around with it more :)

Acrylic with Hitec pens.
Fun times.


::Week 2::

Two completed paintings.
Acrylic on 6x8" canvas.

Going off to paint on a wooden box now!


Obviously influenced by the amazing one and only Junko Mizuno

Marilyn Manson was my middle school crush. He'd be my crush to this day if he didn't gain so much weight...!

They say "natural beauty" is in but all I see in magazines are skinny ass girls with flat chests and no butts. On top of that, they all look all the fucking same. Booooring.


Bonus!:: Spilled Fruit Fawn Milk!

Collaboration with the one and only Daniel Lim!

Totally NSFW. But I think you'd sympathize with me if you saw some of these.


The topic of my visual marathon is BODY MODIFICATION. This entails piercings, tattoos, scarification, branding, suspension, amputation, and the like.

I started using my Hitec-C pens (amazing for details and thin lines!) and doodling around... This week I'm going to primarily concentrate on random thoughts and blabbering that comes up in my mind...



I will be documenting my work hereeee!