::girl power!::

This week has been another eventful, productive and busy one.

::hello, new friend!::
{I'm not a DSLR}

As the semesters progressed, I was in desperate need of an upgrade for my camera. The lab's cameras were always checked out, and I didn't have the $$$ for a DSLR, either. But alcazam! Thanks to my recent birthday celebration monies (= many thanks to my family), I was able to finally get an upgrade! Expect more high-resolution, high-quality photos! ha!

::grandma craft::

{soon to be animated}

After sophomore reviews, I had been haunted by one of the instructors' remark that my work was "grandma craft"-y; Part of me knows I shouldn't be too influenced (aka butt hurt) by crits, but that one got me hard. I almost wanted to stay entirely away from hand-done craft, solely relying on the computer. But I found myself struggling to do so, and not being able to connect with my work as well as I could be.

But! Thanks to the lovely Hazel, who has not only been a dear friend but an amazing teacher and mentor to me, I'm slowly but surely embracing my true love again.

All I know is, I'm gonna make my video kick some serious ass.

Currently attempting to tune into Ryuichi Sakamoto's concert/North-American tour final. Technology has surely advanced, hasn't it...

Slightly bummed that my streaming crashed as he was playing "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence", but alas...

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  1. Man, fuck that teacher! I love your sewed stuff dude, at least someone in 2010 knows how to sew!