The past week has been super crazy for me, due to SWEET STREETS!!
Needless to say, life has been hectic and non-stop crazy due to the super combo of being a full time Otis student as well as working for/with Sweet Streets, but I have nothing to regret.

Lots and lots of amazing art work!! Look at Fawn Fruits' 'love' girl! She's one of my favorites!
Mjin's piece was a personal favorite of mine. Thanks to the best "BFF-matcher" Daniel Lim/Fawn Fruits, I've had the honor of speaking to the artist herself!

More and more amazing work! This one is made out of SAND. I used to get little sand-picture (Sunae) kits as a child, but this one is just epic beyond words!
By the great Jaw Cooper! Otis dominated Sweet Streets! YUS!

The 6% DOKIDOKI show was impressive beyond imagination as well; fortunately I was able to take part in this from its baby steps, assisted 6% in the model audition process, as well as the rehearsals of the models... But seeing this actually come together on the opening night made me feel like a proud momma watching her girls go. ...Okay I sound like I'm over-the-top for being just a translator, but I truly felt proud to be a part of this show!!

So many people. so little space... I am shocked that the fire marshall didn't shut us down.
And thank you for not doing so!!!!!

I also got the honor of being painted by Eimi and Mikurou, two very talented artists visiting from Japan. Eimi's work is very kowa-kawaii (scary-cute), and I instantly became a fan. She will be represented by Sweet Streets LLC, led by my amazing bo$$ Caro!
Eimi gave Caro this painting of me as a gift, so there is a piece of me loitering in my bo$$'s house, watching her cook up more plans for KAWAII world domination ;)

The ever-so jerk-alicious and hilarious Mr.Unicorn also paid homage to Sweet Streets! Needless to say, he was one of the most popular figures at the shows, and a great photo-opp.


6% DOKIDOKI FAN DAY :: 9/12/2010

The fan day hosted by 6%DOKIDOKI the following day of the opening was not to be missed either! Sebastian Masuda, the creative force behind the brand and shop, gave a lecture on the history of Harajuku, as well as the possibilities of "KAWAII". Not the typical "Oh hey check out my shop, I'll talk about the stuff I make" b/s. Quite honestly, I wished I was in the audience listening to his lecture to understand and appreciate his lecture, rather than doing that and translating it into English at the same time! Truly inspiring.

A lucky winner receives her prize after the Janken-competition!
Vani, the shop girl on the right, is truly one of the sweetest girls I've encountered!

I'm sure there are a plethora of photographs lingering on the internet, but I shall stop here!! Special credits go to Fawn Fruits, Valerie Durham and SHIMOSHPIT/Amy Shimoshige for the photos. I was too busy running around the gallery to take any!! (It really doesn't help when everyone decides to interview non-English speakers on the spot! hehe)

Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco to accompany 6% DOKIDOKI on their final tour dates for the "Harajuku Kawaii Experience" world tour. I have be warned that I will be taking part in more academic debates relating to Japanese street culture (apparently an "otaku theorist" will be in attendance...), and I am both excited and antsy at the same time! But for now, I'm off to get some long needed sleep!

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