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Sooo... After SWEET STREETS/6% DOKIDOKI craze, my life has been quiet... Is what I wish I could say. The lovely big O has me under its talons, and things have been hectic than ever.
...But at the same time, as geeky as it sounds, I've been learning so much and having fun at the same time, the all nighters and going-to-school-on-a-day-off things isn't as bad as it sounds.

Penis panties and condensed milk jizzzzz

My movie festival poster is coming along steadily, and I think I have solid ideas for my final series now. All I have to do now is actually produce them, and see how they turn out... The "body parts" concept is working far better than I first anticipated, but I also decided to ditch the "eye" image I was working with- I had to agree with my instructor that it pretty much had NO IMPACT compared to my other two... I mean, what can top a pair of panties with a penis screen-printed on them, combined with dribbling condensed milk=jizz.

"You need hands to hold someone you care for
You need hands to show that your sincere
When you feel...nobody wants to know you
You need hands to brush away the tears"
-The Sex Pistols

So... Tanya suggested taking a photo of a different "body part", and her first suggestion was "ears" and "weird piercings", so they will have more impact than the "eye", and won't be washed out by dicks and jizz. Then my little brain began spinning at full speed, and random ideas began jumping around. My initial reaction was "Something that's the same but isn't"="Sid and Nancy". I ended up deciding to take a photo of two hands. Poor Gilbert got dragged in as a "wrist model" (turned hand/almost arm model). I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun tweaking this one, since I'm coming up with a lot of possibilities. Mismatching tattoos kinda go with my concept too. Excitement!!

I love handjobs.

Type is also slowly coming along... But that itself is an entirely different story...

...Obviously, set-type is not my forte. But I will not fail. I will beat this bitch up until it becomes a fantabulous book. ...The road is a little too long.


Fucking Brian Malko. Why you gotta be so gorgeous?

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