::LOVe LoVE Plushies!::

I haven't updated here in a while!!
...But that doesn't mean I've been lazy or anything. The past weeks have been crazy with whole bunch of events, reunions (I'm having a friend I've had since 5TH GRADE stay at my place tonight...Visiting all the way from Arizona, crazy!) ... But I've also found the time to be productive, despite this weird stuffy-runny-stuffy-nose disease I successfully collected from Comic Con (update on my adventure at Comic Con can be found HERE!)

Oh my beloved little oysters. As much as a bitch it is to make each of you,
I think I'm in love.

Mr. Octopus needs some tweaking, but he sure is dapper.

A project that I abandoned last year... I hate working with fur,
but you turned out pretty cute. My friend remarked that he looks like a raver's back pack,
so I might have to sew him onto one of my school bags.
I'm going to be 21 in 2 months and 25 days, and I'll have a plushie on my bag.
So age appropriate.

Cross-stitch Type.
Now how's that.
As tedious and finger-numbing this process is,
I might want to incorporate it into a future project.

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