::I have a sweet tooth, baby.::

Yesterday, my friend Lane kindly donated me a 8" munny (from kidrobot !! Dayumn their toys seem over priced for a stingy Asian like me, but more importantly, AWESOME!)
Today, after feasting okonomiyaki, and being happy with Santa Monica Mitsuwa's THANK YOU FESTIVAL (which entailed of 99 cent produce!!) I spent a good 3 to 4 hours customizing the munny... Which got a little tedious, but was obviously enough fun for me to pull through till the end.

Better pictures to come soon (hopefully!)
Everything except for the cabochons on this munny was made by me! The "whipped cream" is silicone corking, cupcake-base and macaroon with light weight clay, and lollypop with sculpey. I painted the base with Montana spray-paint, and the "drips" and eye was done with acrylics.
I'm pretty happy and proud with the result, and can't wait to add her to my plethora of plastic toys I decorate my bathroom with.

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