::"Vanilla" in progress::

Today was another day devoted to painting...
HOWEVER, I did manage to get myself to clean out my bedroom/studio space.
(I was starting to work in the living room, and clearly my roommate was
not happy with the mess I was making there... boo.)

I even made a "vanity" area where I finally decided to put up my accessories...
I haven't worn my hair clips in such a long time simply because I just threw everything in a bag and buried it under a pile of clothing in my closet... durrr.

Today's progress...

Under drawing completed!
I've been inspired after the meeting+dinner on monday, I met so many cute girls
and inspiring characters, not to mention one of my favorite creative directors (who happens to be a very close friend of my favorite artist of all time, Pyuupiru!)...ah... bliss.


I inherited this book over 10 years ago from my dad (more like my grandmother, who had all his books from childhood lying around in the library room of my grandparents' home)... It's over 40 years old (hence the 350yen($3.50) price tag on the back...), yet one of the best reference materials I've come across for drawing flowers. Same goes for the other book I got at the same time, that one is filled with amazing drawing of insects.

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