::Dramatic Thursday to Blissful Friday::

is finally up! [...I have yet to create my page, but for now I'm directing to my carbonmade account, since that's the closest thing I have to an online portfolio at the moment...Tomorrow I am going to figure out how to set up Indexhibit...Eeep!]

Some design ideas. Looks like I'm gonna get a new phone,
so I'm gonna hold off on doing the back design until I get it...!


My friend was supposed to come hang out with me on Thursday... Somethings happened and I ended up greeting him at my garage at 3 AM. ...I decided to dress nice during the day time, but by the time he got to my place I was in my slip and worn out cardigan, with random flats I pulled out from the shoe box. ...Meaningless dress up for the win?
...Either way I had fun so it doesn't matter in the end. <3

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