::Frank Gehry is a punk.::

I'm slowly taking my first steps into my final project for experimental typography.

My final project was inspired by a visit to the anarchist bookstore located by the Waterlooplein markt in Amsterdam; Hazel took me there on the first day I arrived in Amsterdam, and I was instantly inspired by not only the location and its ideology, but also simply by the countless zines that were being sold there. Cheaply made, simple and accessible, with a powerful ideology lacing everything together. In fact, the fact that the zines being sold there being so "accessible" is what made them so strong. I myself purchased a zine focusing on femino-anarchism, and have had my interest in the relation of anarchism and feminism sparked on fire. (Yes, I was guilty of scribbling the anarchy symbol all over by belongings when I was in grade school, with not even a clue with what it really stood for)

For my final project, I intend to explore Frank Gehry's attitude towards modern architecture, the concept of "starchitect"s (what on earth is that supposed to mean in the first place anyways??) and the question of "no taste". I personally was not even close to being a fan of Gehry and his work prior to focusing on him for this class, but I have to say, some of the things that he says has made me think quite a bit.

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