Frank Gehry speaks!

Here's a little something I did for my experimental typography class.
As much as I am a horrible typographer, I adore typography like a rejected-hopeless-romantic lover.
(And experimental typography, oh you, you are ever so kind and greet me with open arms)

The assignment was to find an dialogue that related to your assigned building/architect (Chiat Day building+Frank Gehry in my case) and to create a "map" based on their conversation. The shortest side of the map had to be minimum 20", and the finish map also had to be fold. I chose an interview from Playboy magazine, where Gehry discussed his hate for the term "starchitect', and his quite DILLIGAF attitude towards architecture. I was primarily inspired by his attitude and passion towards his work, as well as his comment of "no taste" being a bigger issue than "bad taste" in modern architecture.

A little folding, crumpling, throwing into the copy machine, scribbling, scanning and voila.

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