I'm finally back in LA. I was only in Tokyo for a week, but it surely felt way longer than that... Probably because everything was so jam-packed, and I was on a constant hustle hustle. I'm going back in a month and a bit, and I can't wait for that.


Same old. Same old. Being a week away from Otis is truly disorientating, and now I have to do everything to pick up where I left off... Which, at a glance didn't seem too bad. That is, as long as I can conquer my big bad type book. Making a run to Kelly Paper tomorrow, as well as binding my book...

My video is close to completion though, which is one thing I can feel relieved about.

I can't wait till I can relax and take a breather... That is, for a little while.


::Meet me at 6% DOKIDOKI, dahlin.::

During the course of Harajuku's huge renovation- the overpowering appearance of "fast-fashion" stores such as H&M, Forever 21 and the like, many underground/subcultural stores have closed their doors and disappeared from Harajuku. Needless to say, the closing of SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON (which, I have been a fan since my teenage days) was a huge shock for myself, and the complete change of the Harajuku landscape, such as the closing of the GAP building (featured countless times on street snaps), and bigger malls being constructed on Takeshita street did nothing but break the hearts of Harajuku kids, me being one of them.

But one thing that never changes in the back streets of Harajuku is the presence of 6% DOKIDOKI, which celebrated its 15th anniversary just the other day! Although 6% DOKIDOKI has changed is location once, the concept of it has stayed strong. Serving fans of "Kawaii" fashion from all over the globe, 6% has become a landmark of Harajuku.

Gentle Reminder: 6% DOKIDOKI usually does not allow photographs without permission- I was kindly given permission by the staff for blogging purposes. Please, please respect this policy if you ever visit the store. (However, shop girls may be open to get photos taken, so please ask!)

{The enterance to the store. Prepare to get a seizure from cuteness overload}

{The current mannequin on display. I happend to be wearing the same raglin sleeved shirt. Now I want the skirt. And the hat. And everything else.}

{If SENSATIONAL KAWAII can't describe this store, I don't know what other word could.}

I still remember the days when 6%DOKIDOKI was located in a smaller building, and was how you had to climb up a very steep staircase in order to get to the store (When I was 13, I almost tripped and fell down those stairs) Although the store is now located at a different place, and now is a bigger, bright pink building, what's "inside", both metaphorically and literally, have not changed. I got the same feeling of my heart prancing as I set my foot inside the store. A lot of things I loved about Harajuku have sadly either changed or disappeared, but I truly wish that 6% DOKIDOKI will stay the same, despite its surroundings transforming drastically.


::girl power!::

This week has been another eventful, productive and busy one.

::hello, new friend!::
{I'm not a DSLR}

As the semesters progressed, I was in desperate need of an upgrade for my camera. The lab's cameras were always checked out, and I didn't have the $$$ for a DSLR, either. But alcazam! Thanks to my recent birthday celebration monies (= many thanks to my family), I was able to finally get an upgrade! Expect more high-resolution, high-quality photos! ha!

::grandma craft::

{soon to be animated}

After sophomore reviews, I had been haunted by one of the instructors' remark that my work was "grandma craft"-y; Part of me knows I shouldn't be too influenced (aka butt hurt) by crits, but that one got me hard. I almost wanted to stay entirely away from hand-done craft, solely relying on the computer. But I found myself struggling to do so, and not being able to connect with my work as well as I could be.

But! Thanks to the lovely Hazel, who has not only been a dear friend but an amazing teacher and mentor to me, I'm slowly but surely embracing my true love again.

All I know is, I'm gonna make my video kick some serious ass.

Currently attempting to tune into Ryuichi Sakamoto's concert/North-American tour final. Technology has surely advanced, hasn't it...

Slightly bummed that my streaming crashed as he was playing "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence", but alas...