::summer cooking::

The favorite part about summer for me is how I can get busy in... the kitchen!
One of the biggest downsides of being a design school student for me is a) I live with almost no social life at all. and b) I start eating not very healthily during busy times in the semester (the school cafe only serving unhealthy/greasy AND expensive food doesn't help at all) ... I try to experiment in the kitchen (+ get crazy) as much as I can during the summer.
Here are some of my results in the past couple days...

{honey lemon ginger} +recipe to follow!

I was craving for tsukemono (Japanese style pickles)
so I decided to make some! (cucumbers + turnip)

Salsa-style sauce (top)
+ chicken miso paste

Tonight's dinner:
Chicken+veggie pot-au-feu with salad, rice, miso soup+pickles

chop chop chop...

Inspired by Satsuki/Zakka Nouveau's (she also has a great interview by my great friends, CMYK up too!) recipe posts on her blog, I decided to share my recipe for Honey Lemon Ginger! It's super easy to make, and perfect for snacking, adding to tea, yogurt, soda-water and so on...

have a great summer!




My Comm Studio final.


P.S. My cargocollective is finally up! www.cargocollective.com/emitamaru