Bored design student decided to design a new character and make a plushie.

I might make some minor changes, but I like how he turned out.<3



::Kujira Family::

This story is the proof that we graphic design students are capable of ANYTHING... When there is joined-power, time (to kill and waste), and no home work. And sprinkles and ramen. ...and maybe some of us secretly want to dominate the world. One whale plushie at a time.

Meet my partner (in crime)

(How rude)
Lane Kinkade. The man behind the character design for the Kujira family/whales.
One day Lane approached me and asked if I could make plushies of his characters. I accepted, only if I get fed some sprinkles cupcakes. This man generously purchased 9 cupcakes that cost $3.25 each (I could never get myself to spend my cash money dollar for cupcakes... Although I am an addict) That is when everything started.

This is the headquarters of EmiLane Limited...

Also known as the living room of my apartment.
But some creations I can be proud of were made in the "headquarters".

From left to right;

Bacon, Skyy, Mochi,Clove, Lampone, Framboise, Tropicano and Kouhaku.
Yes, each whale even has their own names!

All whales can be purchased at our etsy store!