Mevis and Van Deursen//

Here are some hand outs I designed for a presentation my group did on Mevis and Van Deursen.

The amazing Dutch duo have become a great source of inspiration for me.

Barry Deck + Ellen Lupton + Ed Fella + Kali Nikitas.

Today I was fortunate enough to meet some of my design/type heroes in one sitting. ...Kind of.
Barry Deck was having a lecture at Otis, and attendance was mandatory. Not going to lie, my initial thought was "UGHHH". (But who isn't, when you're in class from 8AM~7PM, and it's the last day of the week for you?) But needless to say, I absolutely enjoyed his lecture, and am definitely more inspired than I was at 15:33 when I was furiously consuming my chocolate+custard crepe.

This is partially because I am now taking an identity + systems design class, taught by the amazing Maja... A truly challenging, work-loaded, makes-me-want-to-rip-my-hair-out, but challenges me to be the best image maker I can class. Barry's insight on creating a visual identity system for a client (may it be a giant corporation like Coca Cola, or a smaller local business) has sparked some thoughts and ideas for me. What hit me most was his idea of "Sometimes less is more". I am definitely going to apply this idea in my upcoming week.

For now, here are some examples of the images I've made in class...

Work from week 1, where our assignment was to create a symbol/logo for a partner we worked with.
Me + Illustrator = No Bueno.

I was in for another treat when I found out that Ellen Lupton was going to be having a lecture at CalArts. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only graphic design student out there whose life got saved with her "Thinking with Type" book. Her lecture was equally inspiring for me as Barry's was, and her perspective on the future of publication/books was quite interesting. It's quite sad that people are going crazy over "digital books" (as Ellen puts it, you are probably a "slut") and the future of print seems bleak. But the whole D.I.Y movement of the creation of publication has more hope than anything, and I find it interesting how as much as the future of print is
questioned and worried about, the idea of a "book" has become something of a frenzied social activity. I myself am a great fan of the efforts put into a book, as well as the physical experience of holding a book in your hand, flipping through it, reading it (or not) and being inspired by it.

Oh, and the night couldn't possibly get better when I bumped into Ed Fella. I think I had a small heart attack. And I could never be happier that Kali is our chair, and she kindly introduced me to him. AH!!! ...But I have to say one of the best parts of the night was getting to know some graphic peeps from CalArts. I can't wait to see them again soon!

Which leads to my current assignment in progress...

I'm really excited about this project, even though it's still in its baby-steps. We'll see how you turn out, child!!